Did An Argument Escalate And The Police Got Involved?

Whether you are facing an assault charge or a domestic assault charge, you have been accused of causing or intending to cause bodily harm to another person. This is a serious accusation that can come with serious penalties if you are convicted.

At Davis Defense, our attorney knows that there is more than one side to any criminal accusation. In the case of an assault, or accusation of domestic assault, we also know that lies can lead to the arrest of innocent individuals and self defense can be misunderstood to be aggression. You need an experienced assault defense  lawyer on your side when talking to police and heading to court.

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Understanding The Assault Charges You Are Facing

Minnesota assault laws can be confusing to understand. The charges that you face may not match up to the actual facts of your case; this is something an experienced defense lawyer can explain to you. We’ve provided a basic outline of the differences in degrees of assault in Minnesota:

  • First Degree Assault (§ 609.221): Using deadly force during an assault against a police officer or inflicting “great bodily harm.”
  • Second Degree Assault (§ 609.222): Using a dangerous weapon during an assault or inflicting “substantial bodily harm.”
  • Third Degree Assault (§ 609.223): Inflicting “substantial bodily harm.”
  • Fourth Degree Assault (§ 609.2231): Assaulting a fireman, police officer, emergency medical responders, DNR employees and other protected classes of people.
  • Fifth Degree Assault (§ 609.224): Inflicting “bodily harm,” intending to inflict bodily harm or intending to create a fear of bodily harm.

What’s the difference between “bodily harm,” “substantial bodily harm,” and “great bodily harm?” Simply speaking, the difference for you lies in the potential outcomes of your case. A conviction for fifth degree assault, involving bodily harm that is punished as a misdemeanor can mean up to 90 days in jail. A conviction for first degree assault, involving great bodily harm, is a felony and can mean up to 20 years in prison.

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Domestic Violence Or Domestic Assault

An argument that turns physical or that turns into threats of physical contact can lead to charges of domestic assault. If the police show up at your house on a domestic disturbance call, it’s highly likely that at least one person will be taken to jail for the night. If you were the one arrested, you will likely face a criminal domestic assault charge.

This automatic arrest is generally made to ensure the safety of each person and to separate the two in dispute. But this so-called “safety valve” act can have serious consequences, especially if a no-contact order is put in place.

Issues With A No-Contact Order

A no-contact order is an order to stay away from another person. In the case of a domestic no-contact order, you may be told to stay away from your family and your home or risk going back to jail. As long as the no-contact order is in place, any violation can land you in criminal trouble. Do not be fooled into coming home because your significant other says it is ok. He or she cannot give you legal permission to break the no-contact order.

Are you in the military? A no-contact order may restrict your access to firearms, something that is critical to most military and law enforcement positions. Don’t let your career be derailed by a false accusation. Contact Davis Defense today.

Get The Help You Need When Facing Assault Charges

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